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Welcome to NEXTSTEPS.  NEXTSTEPS is a resource for our clients and other professionals who advise our clients and others.   

This includes Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Geriatric Care Managers, Home Care Agencies, and Hospital Discharge Planners.  The purpose of NEXTSTEPS is to provide information on topics relating to the next steps our clients and other customers may need to take when they are faced with a family crisis relating to their health care or the health care of a family member.

Aging and failing health can quickly turn into a crisis for any family.  Can we afford care?  Who will provide care?  What will it cost?  Am I responsible for the cost of providing health care to a spouse or disabled child?  

Failing health can also put a strain on marriages; especially those entered into late in life?  Many spouses feel abandoned, that they did not sign up to be a nurse, or are simply frightened about what this means for their future. We can help by answering some of these questions and a path to follow.

For financial advisors signing up, we will show you how your customers can benefit from our services.  We will provide timely information you can use on Elder Law, Estate Planning, Public Benefits, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, Asset Protection Planning, late-in-life marriage, and divorce, prenuptial agreements, and resources for spouses and children with disabilities.  We hope you and your clients will benefit from this information. 

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