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We also have experience in dealing with the financial exploitation of vulnerable adults by family members, care givers, and others. We can help you sort through the aftermath of these devastating events and advise you concerning your legal rights or the rights of your loved one. We can also bring any court actions necessary to assure no further abuse occurs, and to recover assets where possible. 

Finally, regrettably some people abuse authority entrusted to them. Particularly those holding a power of attorney. We can assist families in dealing with these issues. We have experience in dealing with the removal of agents under a power of attorney, and the recovery of assets taken by agents under a power of attorney. 

You may also want to visit the Web Site of the National Center on Elder Abuse

A link to this site is available on our Useful Links Page, under the Resources Section of our Web Site.

More information on this topic will be coming to this site soon. 

Warner, Payne & Black has experience in dealing with elder abuse and the financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. If you or a loved one has been abused by a family member, nursing home, or care giver, contact us. We can help! We have worked with nursing homes throughout the state in resolving care issues, and if the issues cannot be resolved we can advise you on your legal and litigation rights. 

Elder Abuse & Exploitation

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